I am Sarah Kelley-Spearing, an osteopathic physician.


I am a native Vermonter but have called Colorado home since 2005. I first fell in love with this area while participating in a college semester in Ouray and the Himalayas.

This also sparked my first interest in medicine, was when I was introduced to the philosophy of Tibetan Medicine. I then returned to the Himalayas and spent a summer in Ladakh studying Tibetan Medicine.

The philosophy of approaching health as overall balance, physical, mental and emotional, still guides my medical practice. After college I was fortunate to work with the orthopaedists at the Steadman Clinic in Vail CO. 

I was drawn to musculoskeletal and sports medicine and decided to pursue a medical career, but knew I wanted a more holistic approach than most standard medical practices.

Thus I obtained a Master’s Degree with training in complementary and alternative medicine, and then attended Osteopathic Medical School.

I find inspiration and balance in exploring these beautiful mountains in which we live, especially in backcountry skiing and trail running. I love helping others maintain health and balance and the ability to keep exploring.